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As we all know, dental treatments are quite expensive in Hamilton, yet we aim to provide quality treatments at affordable prices over Hamilton. Also, we have various payments plans and discount offers for students as well as cardholders, which means you don’t have to worry about the dentist prices here in Relax Dental. For more about special discounts please make an enquiry.

Dental Fees

Combined special: Exam/x-rays/ full mouth scale & polish$220


Case dependent (Wisdom or Surgical priced upon assessment due to difficulty)$150-$250


Depending on the location, size and surfaces involved$110-$300

Root Canals

Root CanalsFrom $700

Prices may vary case-by-case for services such as veneers, implant, dental crown, bridge, tooth whitening and oral surgery.

For a free brief assessment, contact Relax Dental on 07 855 81 99