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24 Feb
Gum treatment in Hamilton

Possible Link Between Alzheimer’s And Gum Disease

A recent study has indicated that the bacteria associated with gum disease,P Gingivalis, may also be linked with Alzheimer’s disease.The authors encourage the public to keep their oral health in optimal condition.   Researchers analyzed brain tissue, spinal fluid, and saliva from Alzheimer’s patients—both living and deceased—and found evidence of P. gingivalis. Gingipains, the toxic enzyme

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21 Mar
Dental checkup in Hamilton

Keep the Root and Rebuild the Tooth

INTRODUCTION So often, patients present with fractured teeth due to large restorations that have undermined the tooth structure. There can also be cases involving trauma where the coronal portion of the tooth has fractured. In addition, pre-existing endo teeth that have not been restored adequately can fracture significantly due to weakened tooth structure. On these

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