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Possible Link Between Alzheimer’s And Gum Disease

24 Feb
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A recent study has indicated that the bacteria associated with gum disease,P Gingivalis, may also be linked with Alzheimer’s disease.The authors encourage the public to keep their oral health in optimal condition.


Researchers analyzed brain tissue, spinal fluid, and saliva from Alzheimer’s patients—both living and deceased—and found evidence of P. gingivalis. Gingipains, the toxic enzyme secreted by P. gingivalis, were found in 96 percent of the 53 brain tissue samples examined, with higher levels detected in those with the pathology and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.


Other studies have also established links between gum disease and heart problem and stroke and diabetes.


It is not only about your mouth and teeth, we need to look at the body as a whole entity. If one part ,such as mouth ( including teeth and gum), is continuously affected by bacteria causing gum disease, tooth infection and toothache, abscess, decay, it will definitely compromise the health of the rest of the body.


Constant inflammation in the mouth due to gum disease and tooth abscess induces immune system response with production of defending antibodies and immune system molecules which in turn will circulate in the blood travelling to the rest of the body affecting the whole body.

It is important to regularly visit your dentist for full check up and exam including scale and polish of your teeth and gum in order keep the infected plaque away from your teeth and gum.


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